[link]Empty Planet

(Redline Equalizer) A definite step in the evolution of plugin quality. It can indeed sound pleasingly thick and "analogue-ish" on some sources.


(Redline Reverb) It's the best I have heard for sure. Boy can you feel it missing when bypassed... it's a winner.


I've just gotten Morgana and am loving it. This is the first softsynth that I'd really like to take out live.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I evaluate a demo version first? What are the demo limitations?

Fully functional demos are available from the Product Trials page. Each demo comes with a license that fully unlocks the plugin for 60 days from the day of download. This allows you to evaluate whether our plugins meet your specific needs.

How do I order?

All our plugins are available from our Online Store. Payment is handled through PayPal, so you can pay with all major credit cards as well as wire transfer, check, and a number of other payment options. You don't need to have a PayPal account to order.

Do I need multiple licenses to install your plugins on more than one computer?

No, a single license allows you to install our products on an unlimited number of systems--as long as they are all yours, of course.

How do I download updates?

Visit Product Updates and download the installer in question.

I lost my product license, what do I do now?

Your license can be found in the original email you received upon purchase. We advise you to always keep a copy of this information in a safe place so you can retrieve it in case of a computer crash or malfunction. If for some reason you cannot retrieve the email, please contact us at and we will accomodate you as soon as possible.

My password does not work, what do I do?

That depends on whether you are trying to access the user forum or your account information.
User forum: visit this page
Customer account: Select Customer Login at our Online Store (top left of the page). You will find an option: Forgot your password? under the login form.
Fill in the email address you used when you registered. You will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve or reset your password.

My email address has changed, how do I notify you?

To change your registered email address at our online store, log in to your account and select View or change my account information at the bottom of the page.

I have the Mac OS X (or Windows) version of one of your products. Can I crossgrade to the other platform?

Yes. In fact you don't even need to crossgrade--a single license entitles you to both platforms. Just visit Product Updates and download the installer in question.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount for students, staff, and educational institutions. Simply email a scanned copy of your student/staff ID to to qualify.

Why do you handle different prices for Europe and outside Europe?

112dB is based in the Netherlands, and Dutch law requires that we pay 21% VAT on goods sold to European customers. This VAT is reflected in our euro-based prices.

Can I sell my 112dB plugin on to a third party?

Yes, we allow license transfers for a flat $25 fee per plugin. The buyer is entitled to the same rights as if (s)he had bought the plugin directly from us. Once you found a buyer, please inform us of the intended transfer stating the name and email addresses of both seller and buyer. We'll let you know how to proceed.