On the surface the Cascade synthesizer might look familiar. Two oscillators that go through a multimode filter, two envelopes to adjust the 'shape' of a sound, a low frequency oscillator to modulate pitch or frequency. What makes Cascade special however, is the Cascade section that you find at the bottom. This section gives you a complete new form of synthesis to play with. With a few knobs you can create a unique sound that you won't find in any other synthesizer. Download the demo, and you will know what we mean. Or listen to the examples below to hear just a few of the things that you can do with Cascade.


Epy Trap Funk

Some real, real funky stuff in the notorious Falkensteiner Strasse style.


Sound designer Jonathan Adams Leonard shows that there is more to Cascade than meets the eye.

Go with the flow

Sit back and relax. Close your eyes and imagine you are in an alien world, far far from here. A few of our favourite Cascade presets (in order of appearance): Bang Sweep, Polar Express, Sentimental Strings, Mysterious, Slowness, Buck Rogers, Glissando Up.

Sound examples







Many Insects

String Glide

"Should be in everybody's arsenal"



'I'm loving Cascade's ease of use and powerful sounds. Makes creating unique and interesting sounds a breeze. Highly recommended! '
'Had a lot of fun with Cascade, the sound is very unique and inspiring!'
Jonathan Kranz
'Very interesting sounds. Great job!'
Niles Philips
'I really like the 4pole LP filter. It sounds great, juicy and 'analog'.'

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