'The soundscapes you can make with this synth are just awesome'

'Cascade by 112dB is a great new synth, bringing something new to the table and the soundscapes you can make with this synth are just awesome. The layout of this synth has been kept nice and simple, and really easy to use. This makes Cascade especially fun when you already know the recipes to some signature sounds and add some cascade synthesis to the mix - this can really lead to some fun places.

In my opinion, Cascade is one of the best software synth plugin released this year, and it should be in everybody's arsenal because it sounds awesome it brings something new to the table and its simple and easy to use. '


"Should be in everybody's arsenal"



'I really like the 4pole LP filter. It sounds great, juicy and 'analog'.'
'Had a lot of fun with Cascade, the sound is very unique and inspiring!'
Jonathan Kranz
'Very interesting sounds. Great job!'
Niles Philips
'I'm loving Cascade's ease of use and powerful sounds. Makes creating unique and interesting sounds a breeze. Highly recommended! '

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...founded in 2005 and based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our mission statement: providing high quality plugins which are easy to use and innovative with the same warm and unique character that vintage analog devices have

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