The cascade section of Cascade gives you an altogether new method of creating sounds, and not all parts of it are completely intuitive. So it might take a while to get the hang of it. The manual will explain what all the knobs do, but if you want an easy introduction to Cascade, you might want to have a look at the tutorials below.

a quick start guide to Cascade

Cascade synthesis is based on a delay network. What does that mean in terms of sound? In this tutorial we create a new sound with Cascade to give you a basic idea of the principles behind it.

creating soundscapes with Cascade

In this tutorial we explain how to create evolving soundscapes with Cascade while recreating the Haunted House preset.

"Should be in everybody's arsenal"



'Cascade is a fresh edition to the mostly analog orientated plugin market. The Cascade concept opens up some great new sonic possibilities. Highly recommended!'
Danny de Graan (aka Dan Grain)
'I'm loving Cascade's ease of use and powerful sounds. Makes creating unique and interesting sounds a breeze. Highly recommended! '
'Had a lot of fun with Cascade, the sound is very unique and inspiring!'
Jonathan Kranz
'Very interesting sounds. Great job!'
Niles Philips

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