• 8 voice digital sampler
  • Two part multitimbrality
  • 8-bit sampling rate
  • Variable sample rate from 10KHz to 50KHz
  • Two APDSR envelopes for filter and amplitude
  • Two sample oscillators per voice
  • 4-pole analog modeled filter per voice with cutoff and resonance controls
  • Keytracking generator for filter cutoff
  • Relative level, cutoff, transpose, and detune per sample
  • Non-destructive input modeling with antialias filter, mic preamp, and gain control
  • LFO with MIDI clock sync
  • Flexible MIDI learn system
  • SampLink technology for full-featured realtime sampling capabilities

"Morgana should be your first choice"

Sonic Seducer Magazine


'Morgana is one of the hottest VSTi's I've played with.'
Dennis Ferrer
Objectivity Records
'I fell in love with Morgana!'
Renan Lau Blois
'It's definitely one of the better emulations I have heard. I think it is great.'
'Amazing, love it! I have my Ensoniq EPS back!'

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...founded in 2005 and based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our mission statement: providing high quality plugins which are easy to use and innovative with the same warm and unique character that vintage analog devices have

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