Redline Bundle

Redline Bundle

Become the proud owner of our entire line of revolutionary, world-changing, block-rocking, face-twisting, kneecap-bashing Redline plugins at a substantial discount! The current bundle includes:

[Redline Monitor]
[Redline Monitor]

Redline Monitor

Redline Monitor is a listening, mixing, and mastering tool. It replaces the extreme stereo separation that is characteristic for headphones with the detailed stereo image of near-field monitor speakers.

[Redline Reverb]
[Redline Reverb]

Redline Reverb

Redline Reverb is a musical reverb based on the Rev-6 and Space Master Reaktor ensembles by Martijn Zwartjes. With its many sound enhancements, an intuitive and attractive new user interface, and much optimized CPU usage, Redline Reverb represents the next generation of these celebrated algorithms.

[Redline Equalizer]
[Redline Equalizer]

Redline Equalizer

Redline Equalizer is a versatile parametric equalizer with novel features. Combining mastering-quality processing with unrivaled workflow, Redline Equalizer provides high precision control over the entire audio spectrum with perfect transparency and selectable (including zero) phase shift.

[Redline Preamp]
[Redline Preamp]

Redline Preamp

Redline Preamp livens up any "too clean" signal with a customizable combination of even and odd harmonics, saturation, and soft clipping. Redline Preamp is a vintage console channel, a musical grunge machine, and everything in between.


'This reminds me of the PCM70. I'm getting some of that special magic that one doesn't often find.' [Redline Reverb]
'It's the best I have heard for sure. Boy can you feel it missing when bypassed... it's a winner.' [Redline Reverb]
'I just tried the demo and I'm impressed. It's a lot better than the free ones I have tried.' [Redline Monitor]
'Use 112dB Redline Monitor. It rocks. Certainly.'

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...founded in 2005 and based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our mission statement: providing high quality plugins which are easy to use and innovative with the same warm and unique character that vintage analog devices have

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