Renan Lau Blois

I fell in love with Morgana!


(Big Blue Limiter) On the mixbus mpressor w/ Big Blue gave me more than what I was getting with Waves SSL compressor and Sonnox limiter.


(Redline Monitor) All you need is a good set of headphones, and you're there.


(Morgana) This thing sizzles. The sound is just... so... WOW!


(Redline Reverb) It's the best reverb I ever heard.

public beta

It's big, it's blue, and it's in beta now!

112dB is currently looking for audio plugin aficionados who would like to give the latest updates of Big Blue Compressor & Big Blue Limiter a thorough test run before they are released.

These beta versions have been through several test rounds already and as far as we can tell they are stable. With so many possible hardware setups and DAW's around however, there's no way we could test all possible situations by ourselves. Your help to ensure that Big Blue Compressor & Big Blue Limiter will be 100% bug free is therefore much appreciated!