(Redline Monitor) It translates really well to studio control room situations, even with video stuff.

[link]Mushy Mushy

(Redline Monitor) This is an absolutely fantastic tool. Now i'm more than happy to be working on headphones.


(Redline Monitor) I just tried the demo and I'm impressed. It's a lot better than the free ones I have tried.


(Redline Monitor) Brilliant! Finally a tool to check your mixes at midnight with all sleeping neighbours.

[link]Ivo Witteveen

Interface magazine
If you do any mixing on headphones Redline Monitor is simply essential. Period.

public beta

It's big, it's blue, and it's in beta now!

112dB is currently looking for audio plugin aficionados who would like to give the latest updates of Big Blue Compressor & Big Blue Limiter a thorough test run before they are released.

These beta versions have been through several test rounds already and as far as we can tell they are stable. With so many possible hardware setups and DAW's around however, there's no way we could test all possible situations by ourselves. Your help to ensure that Big Blue Compressor & Big Blue Limiter will be 100% bug free is therefore much appreciated!