I am pretty amazed by Redline Reverb. Amazing how many different sounds you can get out of it.


This reminds me of the PCM70. I'm getting some of that special magic that one doesn't often find.


A good alternative price and quality wise to the native Lexicon PCM plugins. Redline Reverb nails the Lexicon sound very well.

Redline Reverb

Redline Reverb

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To show what Redline Reverb can do for your reverb needs, here's a few audio demos for your listening enjoyment.

All instrumental tracks feature 4-bar loops. The first bar of each 4-bar sequence is dry, the 2nd and 3rd 50% wet, and the final bar 100% wet.

The vocal demos on the other hand start with the dry track, followed by the dry track run through a number of presets at 50% wet.

All factory presets, and best enjoyed responsibly.


The venerable MPC doing its thing with some Redline Reverb seasoning to taste.

(dry) • Drum Plate • With A Mic • Natural Room • Large Room • Garage Days • Green Room • Fat Plate

Redline Reverb showing off on a simple but übergroovy percussion loop.

(dry) • Studio B • Acoustic Fill • Real Room • Car Interior • Bigger Perc Room • Highschool Gym • Cello Studio
Post-modern A showcase of the more eclectic side of Redline Reverb. This demo features a series of sound snippets mangled through tiny closets, halls of epic proportions, and psychedelic weirdness. All ambiences, echoes and effects appear courtesy of Redline Reverb.
Zucchini Sisters I

The adorable Zucchini Sisters doing what they do best.

(dry) • Vocal Plate • Concert Venue • Choir Hall • Whispering Gallery
Zucchini Sisters II

More nonsensical lyrics from the inimitable Zucchini Sisters.

(dry) • Live Room • Iso Booth • Empty Stage • Marble Waterfall